Monday, October 29, 2012


Working on some choreography for one of our "Silly Songs".....

We're presently working up a program for a Relief Society performance in November, a 40's-themed mini-program for a Deseret Book sponsored preview of "Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed"/Veterans Day program, also in November, and a Christmas program for a couple of performances in December.  All programs, though overlapping a bit, have different songs, different segues, different themes. So we are BUSY!

It's hard, sometimes, to balance life....and our roles as mothers and wives with rehearsals and performances. We all have things pulling at us in our own personal lives...different responsibilities, trials, and just daily "stuff." And so a lot of times it's a juggling act, trying to be aware of and sensitive to everyone's various needs and schedules as we proceed forward.

But we feel strongly that we are on the right path, so with much prayer.... proceed we do.


Thursday, October 18, 2012


"Unity is a holy thing....It requires listening, weighing, pondering, seeking inspiration, speaking up, articulating problems, and recommending solutions. It means that when decision is made in council, all agree and support that decision wholeheartedly. It means we will not hold back and sabotage the final decision, even when it wasn't the one we brought to the table....UNITY DEPENDS ON our recognizing that each of us has different talents and skills to contribute - different gifts - and THAT BY UNIFYING THEM WE CAN FUNCTION AS A WHOLE."
- (Virginia Pearce, "The Beginning of Better Days: Angels and Epiphanies")

This rang very true from our practice thought yesterday. Everyone needs to have a voice when ALL are in unity. Unity IS holy.