Monday, April 15, 2013

Come to Jesus

Come to Jesus when you hunger for a feast that satisfies. 
Come to Jesus when you wonder why your spirit's running dry.
He will feed you from His table, living water He will pour,
till you're filled with bread of life and your soul will thirst no more.
So, if you hunger, come. Come to Jesus.

Come to Jesus when you're weary of the burdens you must bear.
Come to Jesus when you're fearful and your heart is in despair.
He will ease the load you carry by the power of His hand.
As you lean on Him for strength you will find that you can stand.
So, if you're weary, come. Come to Jesus.

Come and claim the Savior's grace.
Seek for Him and you will find yourself in His embrace.

Come to Jesus when you're ready for a sweeter way of life.
Come to Jesus when you're heading down a pathway with no light.
He will take your sin and weakness, He will wash away the shame.
He will purify your heart and you will never be the same.
So, if you're ready, come. Come to Jesus.

This song right here, more than any other epitomizes the spirit of our programs this past March. Because March marks the birthday of the Relief Society, many wards tend to plan big activities...which meant that we had a performance each week of the month. In Kaysville, Roy, South Jordan and Taylorsville. And though we did the same program in each Relief Society, it was kind of amazing to see the differences in what stood out each week. Maybe indicating that the ladies in each of these wards were drawn to different parts of the program depending on what they were dealing with in their own lives. 

But without question, this song, Come to Jesus, was always a highlight...always the song that was commented on and asked about the most. And I suppose that shouldn't be a surprise, seeing as it is the song that meant the most to the five of us. It was rare that we could even get through the song without getting emotional. Me personally....I was mess of tears every single time we sang it. The message is so powerful...and combined with the beautiful melody and is truly memorable.

After our March performances were over, Stephanie gave each of us the words Come to Jesus in vinyl to hang in our look at, reflect on and remember. What an amazingly thoughtful gift!