Friday, July 20, 2012

Cherry Hill

A couple of weeks ago we performed at Cherry Hill in Fruit Heights as part of their summer weekend concert series. Not only did the hour long show go off without a hitch, but glory was fun!!! Thankfully, because it made all that hard work worth it....oh my, did we spent A LOT of time getting ready for this! We debated long and hard about our song list...and then started searching for accompaniment tracks. The concert being outside meant there was no possibility of any live piano accompaniment. Then, as is our tradition, we got to work on writing harmonies, descants and special arrangements of all of our music. Putting together a theme for the program, writing little segue's in between each number, staging, choreography....we even had specific assignments for who brought which stools, benches and microphones on and offstage for each number. And we practiced...boy did we practice! Even when Catrina went to McCall, Idaho with her family for the summer (she made the long 7 hour drive back specifically for the concert) we rehearsed with her via Skype. All of us singing and dancing on both sides of the computer monitor.

After starting things off with The Star Spangled Banner and then a special version of America the Beautiful and Taps on the trumpet by Stephanie's father in honor of it being Independence Day weekend....our program had to do specifically with American families through the ages. We all came up with little thoughts threading through and connecting our songs together. From tributes to slave and Indian families as we sang Down in the River and Blackbird, to families living through WWII as we performed Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, to wondering when we would find the one, trying to be perfect parents and having confidence in our roles as we raise our families. Other songs included Somewhere Over the Rainbow, I Have Confidence, Practically Perfect, When Will My Life Begin, Take Me As I Am....and ending with I Will Seek Him and I am a Child of God.

We had a pretty good turn out...we were pleased. But mostly, what great fun, what an amazing feeling to be up there on that stage singing together!    

September 2012
Update: Cherry Hill concert organizers have called with the news that not only were we one of their very favorite concerts of the summer, but also one of the highest audience attended. They've asked us if we would please come back next summer and perform TWO different weekends. Well, okay! (See us grinning?)  :)


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