Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wearing hats...

Although this program for a Kaysville Relief Society might not have been as flashy as our Deseret Book Veterans was every bit as wonderful.
Our program...all about hats. Yes, you read that right...hats. More specifically the hats we wear as mothers and women. The message we shared had much to do with how to access the atonement in our daily lives and how women of God can never truly be women of the world....all while wearing the various hats that we do throughout the day. The taxi hat, the chef hat and maid hat, hats for being a teacher, a hair dresser, a nurse. But also the inner changeable hat (rather than interchangeable), the I'm-not-all-put-together hat, the hat of enlightenment, the blemished hat, the hat of comfort/warmth, and even the silly hat.
We sang, we shared testimony. And with the audience we laughed and we cried. It was truly a privilege and honor to spend the evening with such sweet and wonderful Relief Society women who were so welcoming and excited to hear what we had to share. We left with not only gifts of sweet treats and a vaseful each of beautiful flowers...but also with our spirits lifted and our hearts full.


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