Sunday, May 12, 2013


There have been some changes with Higher Ground.
Big ones.
And I know that not all that long ago we sprung a new name on you.
That was pretty major.
What could be bigger than that?
Rather than a quintet, we are now a trio.

(We'll let that soak in for a minute or two....)

Maybe you saw this coming based on the new pictures that adorn our blog site.
But if you weren't looking all that closely, let me fill you in.

Higher Ground now is comprised of Sarah, Kami and Julie.

Life is always full of change....
And we are often looking for ways to better ourselves, to fulfill dreams, to live more meaningful and authentic lives.
Sometimes we have to make sacrifices.
Sometimes we have to change priorities.

At the end of March Stephanie and Catrina made the difficult decision to leave Higher Ground.
As amazing as this past inaugural year of Higher Ground had been, at times it has perhaps taken a toll on our families, on our health, on our own personal dreams.
Stephanie and Catrina made the choice to step back, take a break and re-evaluate where they wanted to go, what they wanted to do.
That they both still will perform and keep up with their music, there is no doubt. They are following their hearts but even more than that, they are following what they feel is the will of the Lord.

Kami, Julie and I have decided to continue on. And though we miss Catrina and Stephanie keenly and are tremendously thankful for the shared experiences, friendship and love....we are excited about our new direction.
Because though this came as a bit of a surprise, we too feel, just like Catrina and Stephanie, that this is God's will.

So stay tuned. We have upcoming performances we are working on. We are anticipating wonderful new opportunities and experiences. We are so excited to continue to share our love of the gospel and our love of music!

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