Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rocking the Lucky 7 stage

I tell you what, I think all three of us were so much more calm performing at Cherry Hill this time around as opposed to last summer. Basket case of nerves...well, me at least. Having already performed much of our repertoire at the Kaysville Arts Council and kind of feeling like we'd had a dress rehearsal of sorts, was really nice. We felt so much more casual this time around, playing off each other and the audience and just having fun with the whole thing. Our theme loosely wrapping all the songs together was, "It's a beautiful life"....sharing music and talking about our freedoms and blessings. 
(We went all gospel-style with our version of "Down in the River to Pray" with choir robes, swaying, snapping...the works!)

One of our favorite new songs we've added to the show...."This One's For the Moms." It's a funny little tribute to mothers, the new lyrics put to Martina McBride's country-stye accompaniment of "This One's For the Girls." Props to Kami for coming up with the idea, the lyrics and our choreography! 

Vs. 1
This is for all you moms with a new baby
No sleep at night can drive you oh-so crazy
Poopy diapers seem to never end
And a shower...wish I could fit it in

This one's for the moms.

Vs. 2
This is for all you moms with kids around 4
Spilling their milk and breakdowns at the store
You can't hear a talk in church at all
Don't get through an entire phone call.

This one's for the moms
Who drive around a mini van
Eats chocolate when she can
Has every size of Pyrex pan.

This one's for the moms
Who've memorized the Wal-mart
Who's fridge is like a work of art
All around the world
This one's for the moms

Vs. 3
This one's for all you moms with busy teens
Always hungry and needing a new pair of jeans
Late night chats and homework always due
Oh and mom, can you bring me my gym shoes?


Ya we're all the same inside
Sometimes you just need a cry

Repeat chorus

We've been booked twice this summer for Cherry Hill so we have our next performance on the Lucky 7 stage on August 9th. We have plans for a few changes, taking out a song or two, adding a few more in. We're looking forward to it!
(And maybe next time I won't have the stomach flu....ha!)

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